Covid-19: Yoga to the rescue in this lockdown


With our changing lifestyles owing to the coronavirus pandemic, this age-old exercise has benefits that are far reaching. Read on 🙂

Restricted travelling, panic over the risk of infection, continuous flow of negative news due the corona pandemic are all contributing to the growing of anxiety. Being confined to our homes can be mentally challenging. Besides staying connected to family and friends, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there is also one other thing that can help keep anxiety and mental health in check – yoga. Yoga is known to be beneficial to our physical as well as mental state – it helps with weight loss and to keep the mind calm.

But why yoga?

Anxiety or stress usually triggers activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which will manifest in increased blood pressure, tensed muscles, lack of concentration and faster breathing. Yoga helps to counter those effects.

Yoga is a great tool as the stretching poses help to reduce tension in muscles and joints. There are many yoga poses which are excellent for managing blood pressure thereby reducing anxiety symptoms.

Yoga during Quarantine

One of the best forms of physical, mental and spiritual practice, Yoga is best suited for this quarantine period. Yoga along with breathing and meditation can be considered as an all-round exercise which will take care of our body, mind and soul. Hatha yoga practices are best suited for beginners. These practices can have different variations which can make one perfect in the final poses.

We have selected some free yoga videos for you to practice.

Have fun, destress and relax 🙂