Interview with Marta Ledinská about a healthy lifestyle


You already know our colleague Marta Ledinská well. You might have met her at one of her seminars focused on healthy lifestyle, or you might have read an interview she gave us two years ago for the magazine Naše Tesco.

Marta is the ambassador of the popular Being.well program and thanks to her advices and recommendations we can offer you the best for your health and fitness.

Marta, this year we have passed a challenging test in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. How did you keep fit yourself during the strictest restrictions?

Above all, I did not neglect my mental condition. I haven’t watched TV media in years. I didn’t let myself be drawn into panic or fear.

It is said that „every cloud has a silver lining. “ Many people during the pandemic discovered new opportunities for spending their free time, such as sewing, homework, online foreign language courses, etc. Is there any activity that you newly learned during this time or any activity that you will continue doing?

I used this time for studying and watching webinars. It caught my attention so much that I „signed up“ for the annual intensive Bob Proctor Coaching program. It is about getting to know one’s own potential and correcting self-destructive habits. We all have a lot of them without even realizing it.

Let’s get back to your greatest passion – nutritional counselling. Is there any food that should never be missing in your diet and why?

It is mainly pure water, and then I am highly dependent on quality cheese, from bryndza (sheep product / sheep cheese) to parmesan.

The summer is quickly approaching, which most Slovaks and Czechs will most likely spend at home. And since Czech people are big fans of barbecue, which doesn’t have much in common with healthy eating, do you have any tips for us on how to barbecue in a healthier way?

Especially after this long isolation period, I perceive the barbecue to be a pleasant social event, and an opportunity to spend time outside. That’s what our psyche needs. As for the preparation itself, here are a few tips:

  1. We should not pound the meat, as it releases water from its cells and loses its natural juiciness.
  2. Let the meat marinate for a day in advance, for fish 30 minutes is enough before grilling. However, let’s not use the marinade during the grilling itself. It can very easily drip into the fire. The fat (contained in the marinade) burns easily at high temperatures and the much-discussed carcinogenic trans fats are formed.
  3. Never grill frozen meat.
  4. Use herbs. For instance, rosemary contains anti-cancer substances formed during food burns.
  5. Consume meat together with vegetables. This will improve the digestive process.

Movement should go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. What sports activities would you recommend to our colleagues for the upcoming summer?

Any movement that makes us feel good, because that is the key. For example, I like brisk long walks the most.

We know that your role as an ambassador for the Being.well program will become even more significant from June. Can you tell us what are you planning for our colleagues?

Every month I want to focus on one theme. In June, we start with the topic „How to strengthen the immune system“. I will regularly contribute with articles and I would definitely like to prepare a live workshop.

Giving advice and recommendations is one thing, but constantly learning new knowledge, finding inspiration and other ways to improve your lifestyle is another. Where do you get information about new trends?

I am a student of Mgr. Martin Jelínek. For me, he is a bottomless well of information and has a deep insight into the issue of eating. Furthermore, I find inspiration in a lot of foreign sources. E.g. in the US they are one step ahead of us in terms of study and education in this area. The fact that people don’t follow that is something different.